125th Anniversary!

In 2014 our church celebrated its 125th anniversary. It is exciting to be a part of God's plans for St. John's United Church of Christ.



Charter members were; John Baumgartner, Fred Demski, Ferdinand Duchow, August Gregor, Heinrich Hundt, Friedrich Meyer (Waneta Straw's great grandfather), Jacob Michael, Emil Radtke, August Stenzel, Frederick Strego, Peter Walker, and Christian Lenaburg (Sylvia Shelly's great grandfather). They only listed the men's names.


Mary Egeler was a long time member of our church. She was active in Sunday School, Bible Study, and Evangelism Committee to name a few.  We had a Bible Fair in 1989 which was our 100th anniversary.  Since our congregation has a German background Mary was asked to do something in German for us.